Origin of name

Originally, the name Gave was a Dutch acronym meaning 'Gastvrijheid aan Asielzoekers door Vriendschap en Evangelisatie' (Hospitality to Asylum seekers through Friendship and Evangelism). 

The early years

In 1992, a small group of young Christians reflected on the Biblical commission of proclaiming the gospel and providing hospitality to strangers. Traditionally, missionaries take God's Word abroad, but in recent times many foreigners move to our country. These young Christians were convinced that God was opening a door for the proclamation of His Word to these people. There was a niche to be filled, because many refugees were not being reached by the gospel. In many places, Churches were in an apparent need of help and advice in this area.

This group of young people felt this as a burden from the Lord and they formed a working group. Thanks to their many contacts, this evolved into the interdenominational organisation Stichting Gave within a few years time. 


The work has grown ever since. Until 2009 Gave operated throughout the country through home based workers who were organized into regional teams. In 2009 it was decided that this work should be enhanced by a central service desk for the support of both the 'field workers' and the many Christian volunteers. In 2013 a new team juridical support was formed as a spin off from the servicedesk. 

God's provision

At the end of 2012 we were offered our present office free of rent. At the time we thought the office too big for our small organisation and we wondered as to what God might have in mind for us. In the years that followed this question found a definite answer. In 2014 and 2015 the organisation grew significantly, from about thirty to sixty employees, and In 2015 we saw a tremendous increase in the number of refugees entering the Netherlands. As a result more and more churches sought our support for their refugee ministry. God provided the office we need before we could see the need for it.