About Gave


In the course of years, the Netherlands received thousands of asylum seekers from countries like Somalia, Syria, Eritrea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Georgia, Iran, Sudan, Angola, Armenia, Sierra Leone, and so on. Many left behind a painful life of political repression, civil war and poverty, but still face an uncertain future. God wants us to love the strangers and it is Gave's desire to help the Church in The Netherlands and abroad to fulfil a threefold task:

Welcoming refugees in the Church

The life of asylum seekers is full of uncertainty and loneliness. The Christian Church in particular can offer the warmth of a community that cares for the widow, orphan and stranger — a community that offers the comfort asylum seekers need.

Preaching the Gospel

Many asylum seekers come from predominantly Muslim countries. In most of these countries they are not free to hear the Gospel, but their move to a Western country offers unprecedented possibilities for the Christian Church. Here they have freedom to hear about the Saviour Jesus Christ, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. It is wonderful when a Muslim meets Jesus and can witness of Him to his own people.

Meeting practical needs of refugees

Many asylum seekers face practical problems in addition to psychological and pastoral needs. The Christian Church can help in various ways, ranging from the donation of second-hand clothes to the teaching of language skills. Sometimes one may offer shelter to asylum seekers in critical circumstances, e.g. when someone is refused accommodation by the government and ends up in the streets.

Vision, mission, and strategy

Gave helps Churches and Christians to understand and practise the biblical call to offer hospitality to ‘strangers’. Gave challenges, trains and supports volunteers in contacting asylum seekers and in sharing God’s love with them. To this end, Gave provides intensive assistance, advice and resources , enabling churches to start outreach to refugees and to develop good working structures.