Manifesto ‘Stand up for refugees’

Gave published a manifesto that will help shaping the opinion of Christians about refugees. Various organisations support this initiative, e.g. the Christian Reformed Churches, the Evangelical Alliance, Open Doors and Operation Mobilisatation. Together we call Christians to answer the biblical commandment to welcome the stranger. The manifesto has been signed by, among others, Brother Andrew, Arie Slob MP, Kees van der Staaij MP, and Archbishop Mor Polycarpus Augin Aydin. 

“This manfesto is a tool that can help people developing a biblical realism and becoming a loving and caring neighbour to refugees,” Gave director Jan Pieter Mostert, says. “On the one hand many feel uncomfortable, on the other hand we face Christ's commandment to love each other. The manifesto can support people who experience this tension but want to obey God's call to welcome the stranger in our midst also.”


The manifesto is widely distributed among churches and Christians in the Netherlands. It consists in three parts: I want, I do and I stay. The three statements of the first part highlight the basic attitude that is characterized by love and by realism. The second part I do mentions concrete Christian actions. The final part is a call to faithfulness. Arie Slob, MP until November 2015, says: “This age calls for a Christian involvement of true love translated into concrete actions.”

Supporting organisation

Eighteen Dutch organisations have committed themselves to the manifesto: Ark Mission, ChristenUnie, the 4th Musketier, the Christian Reformed Churches, Evangalical Broadcasting, GZB, HiP, Hulp Oost-Europa, Interserve, IZB, MissieNederland (the Dutch EA), OM, Ontmoeting, Open Doors, SDOK, SGP, SKIN, Tot Heil des Volks, Verre Naasten en ZOA.

Publication and translation

Gave encourages you to publish the manifesto on your own website or in your magazine. You may also translate the manifesto into your own language. If you would like a word document of the text please contact our servicedesk. If you want to use the same layout we will be happy to connect you to our dtp-partner also.


Download the manifesto in pdf.