Gave employs field workers who live and work throughout the country and provides central support from its national headquarter in Harderwjk.

Field workers

Volunteers co-ordinator

Gave employs volunteers co-ordinators who live in the vicinity of a reception centre and can network with the churches and other organisations in the area. He supports the Christian volunteers who visit asylum seekers in the reception centre or organise various activities. He also facilitates the training of the volunteers in co-operation with the local inter-church workgroup. 

Training and resources

Gave employs specialists who provide training and resources for children’s work, youth work, women’s work, Bible study and personal visits to refugees. When local churches near a reception centre want to start a new ministry, Gave can provide an appropriate training course and will coach the volunteers until the work has been consolidated. After that the volunteers co-coordinator or the local workgroup can invite a specialist for further training and advice.

Language teams

In addition to the specialists, Gave employs language teams that organise fellowships, Bible study groups, cell groups, or conferences for one specific language group. At present there are teams for Arabic speaking people, Kurds, and Somalis. One worker specializes in outreach to Afghan and Farsi people (from Iran). There are activities for other language groups also.

Central support

Service Desk

All Gave workers and volunteers can ‘phone and e-mail the service desk with their various questions. Just a small sample of the questions we receive:

  • An asylum seeker moves to another part of The Netherlands; do you know a church that can contact him?
  • An asylum seeker has to return to Cameroon; do you know Christians who can assist him when he goes back? 
  • How can I set up a children’s club at the reception centre? 
  • A Farsi man who became a Christian in The Netherlands has to return to Iran, what can I do for him?
  • Where can I buy Arabic Bible study materials?
  • A refugee may not stay in the Netherlands but is refused entrance to his home country also. He is now homeless and has nowhere to go. How can I help him?

In all cases, the service desk has an answer or will find an answer!


In 2013 Gave lounched a juridical team with the following activities:

  • General information and advice concerning asylum procedures and where to find help for specific issues.
  • Specialist support for Christian asylum seekers who face the risk of persecution, and their lawyers.
  • Communication with the Immigration Authority and with political parties concerning asylum decisions of Christians who face the risk of persecution.
  • Communication with the Organisation for the Reception of Asylum seekers concerning the safety of Christians in the reception centres - read an interview on this issue.
  • International networking concerning the position of Christian asylum seekers throughout Europe. (see the information and survey on converts & asylum) and concerning Freedom of Religion or Belief of Refugees (read our contribution at the 2016 State of Europe Forum)
  • Co-operation with Jubilee Campaign to set up an online platform where asylum lawyers can find and exchange solid information about the persecution of Christians in various countries.